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Siegfried Morozov
Siegfried Morozov

Griffin-Unlocker V1.0.6 (Free Register The Tool) Latest Free Download ((NEW))

USAGE: Still image, file transfer, chat, QSL Communications ENCODER/DECODER: EasyPal.exe (free). Signals must be over S9 to work well. Files & Chat & Pictures: EasyPal with Hybrid TX is a free program for RX/TX Files/Photes in a 2.7khz bandwidth. Use E,2.4,HI,QAM4,24 for weak signals, QAM 16 only for strong signals. You can adjust the DRM speed to allow easier reception as a cost of transmission time. Photos can take from 30 seconds to over 1 minute to send via HF DRM NOTABLE: HYBRID TX: Easypal saves your File/Photo on an internet server, then sends only the link via HF DRM. Saves time and allows for a weaker signal since it only takes a few seconds to send the link via HF DRM. Allows a big group to exchange audio, photoes, etc without having to get email addresses or Skype names. MODE: Band Mode (USB/LSB) 2.7khz wide ( Notable Waterfall image is a solid 2.7khz line with dark shadows or stips that appear to barber poll ) FREQ: 3.713, 7.173,14.233 Mhz SOUND: Click to download audio file to hear what it sounds like

Griffin-Unlocker V1.0.6 (Free Register the tool) Latest Free Download


USAGE: Digital Audio Communications ENCODER/DECODER: FreeDV.exe (free). Need a strong signal to get audio (audio quality is sub-par due in part to vary narrow bandwidth) MODE: Band mode (USB/LSB) 2.4khz wide (although the signal is only 1.6khz wide) FREQ: Google FreeDV qso finder or look for the image below (14.236 mhz) SOUND: Click to download audio file to hear what it sounds like (this is the 1600 mode) (left: signal as it appears in PowerSDR panfall) (right: signal as it appears in freedv.exe) click on images to enlarge

USAGE: Freq Scanner for sending/receiving short messages (for ham radio or Mars) DECODER: ALE.exe (free), Mars-ALE.exe (free) You need to make sure the VAC1 out from the Flex is set as the default RECORD source for ALE to see it. MODE: USB 2.4khz wide FREQ: Google for listing SOUND: Click to download audio file to hear what it sounds like 041b061a72


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