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Noah Robinson
Noah Robinson

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i'm a big fan of ableton's live. for years, many of my favorite plugins were free, and many of them did a great job of taking my sounds and making them work. but, the more i used it, the more i realized that for me, it became a crutch: i started using it to record my live performances, and then i'd just open my session and hit record to get what i needed. i've been working on my music for years, so when i went to work with it, i found i had to spend so much time in the plug-ins before i started recording. i really wanted to put myself in a good position to be able to find the sounds i need when i'm making the songs, not having to go through my plug-ins first. the result of all this work is a midi track with (virtual) keyboard and mouse attached. this is the goal - to have a set of plug-ins and knobs to direct your sound creation.

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procedural composition is a utility that allows a user to create and manipulate audio samples in a very seamless and intuitive way. by taking samples of any music instrument, or making an audio sample yourself, it then provides a visualization of the sample and offers a number of instruments to manipulate it. it is perfect for people who are looking to make music but have no idea where to start. it has a very intuitive ui and is easy to use. the examples included are a piano, guitar, drum kit, bass, synth, and soprano saxophone. it also has a free demo that you can download.

the synth 1.0 by brainworx. this version of the vst synth is free and even includes presets and samples of the synth. unveiled in june 2007 as part of the plugins alliance release, it is one of the best sounding synth plugins to date. ableton live users can download the plugins, effects and presets free of charge for windows and mac. the plugin 1.0 is an accurate and powerful re-imagining of the classic roland juno-series and now includes some of the most important features, such as innovative low-latency modes and a single oscillator. this offers a far more expressive instrument than the original juno.


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