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Dhanurveda In Malayalam Pdf 15 BETTER

Full-text (+190): Upaveda, Dhanurvedaprakarana, Shastravidya, Dhanurvedin, Sharngadatta, Dhanurvedaparayana, Dhanurvedasara, Dhanurvedapara, Dhanurvedacintamani, Viracintamani, Shivadhanurveda, Anukancita, Kshatravidya, Dhanus, Trishula, Vriddhipattra, Pracinabarhisha, Vela, Ara, Sara.

Dhanurveda In Malayalam Pdf 15

The Charanavyuha authored by Shaunaka mentions four upaveda (applied Vedas). Included among them are archery (dhanurveda) and military sciences (shastrashastra),[7][8] the mastery of which was the duty (dharma) of the warrior class. Kings usually belonged to the kshatria (warrior) class and thus served as heads of the army. They typically practiced archery, wrestling, boxing, and swordsmanship as part of their education.[12] Examples include such rulers as Siddhartha Gautama and Rudradaman. The Chinese monk Xuanzang writes that the emperor Harsha was light on his feet despite his advancing age and managed to dodge and seize an assailant during an assassination attempt.[13] 076b4e4f54