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Noah Robinson
Noah Robinson

Chess PGN Master Pro Key APK: The Ultimate Board Game Experience

If you are looking for the best pgn viewer look no farther... this is it. I was using the chess viewer app from everyman chess until it stopped working after a Samsung tab update and they did nothing to fix it... but I could care less now that I have found this excellent viewer.

Have enjoyed using this app. Near perfect, for me. Is it possible add engine arrows on/off to the title bar or overflow button? Also, when moving through a game, is it possible to have it follow a threat variation when selected. Not working currently. Would like to request that adding engine analysis add full variation or only next move as an option. Also an option to turn off the engine name being added. This is the only chess app i use now for analysis.

chess pgn master pro key apk

If you fancy playing chess, Chess PGN Master Pro Key is an excellent application for you. This game has various features for you to enjoy because it allows you to save and share the progress of your game. There is also a live commentary that can be viewed on the right side hand of the screen. You can also easily toggle dark or light mode based on your preferences. The Portable Game Notion or PGN allows you to easily read the format and lets you track the moves of the game, in this case, chess. The PGN is formatted to a standard algebraic notation that allows you to understand and read the data including the name of the players, who wins and loses in the game, and the date of the game played.


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