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[S6E19] Because __FULL__

Michael hugs Jo and tells her he bought tickets and planned a trip to visit Jo in Tallahassee. Jo is shocked, and says that he should have checked with her office. When Michael continues to bother her, she snaps and tells Michael, "Enough!" leaving the office in shock. Michael is confused why Jo still doesn't like him despite his attempts. Michael asks Jo out to lunch, and she tells him to do some work. Michael asks Darryl why Jo likes him and asks him if her family owes him something. Michael says that he is going home for the day, and Jo says that he can go if he believes that he did a great day of work, while she decides to stay to work. Michael tells everyone not to leave because Jo wants them to stay until they have done superb work. Kevin then throws his hat on the floor and expresses his outrage in a talking head.

[S6E19] Because

Dwight claims to have a late meeting with a client, but Jim gets in ahead of him and tells Jo that he himself has to meet a late client, but stresses that such meetings never happen normally. Dwight tries to tell Jo that he has a late client meeting, only to tell her he will reschedule after she stares him down. Michael calls an inebriated Todd Packer who's been drinking since three and complains that the girls are fat and ugly. Glenn and the rest of the warehouse workers come to ask Darryl to leave to celebrate, but he turns them down after Jo glares at him. The cleaning crew comes to the office, but then awkwardly leave since Jo and everyone else are still there. Angela explains in a talking head that she wants to leave, not to celebrate, but instead protest St. Patrick's Day. Gabe helps get Jo's bags and explains that he has no time for a personal life because Jo is very demanding. Michael enters the conference room, explains to Jo that it's a holiday and he is dismissing his hard-working employees so they can enjoy their evening. He also lets her know that he's cancelled his Florida trip, but is looking forward to their working relationship, a sentiment she reciprocates.

Meanwhile, Erin and Andy are going on their first date, despite Erin being sick. Jo sends her home, because she doesn't want her dogs to catch a bug. Andy decides to pretend to be sick in front of Jo, who also sends him home. Andy comes to Erin's house, even though she is sick and they hold hands while watching a movie. It is revealed that Erin was a foster child and still lives with her foster brother, who seems to have an interest in her. Andy realizes this and becomes threatened by the thought that someone else likes Erin. Andy leaves the date dejected, until Erin kisses him on the cheek to his happiness.

Also, on Talking Sopranos Steve Schirripa commented that he was amazed that Bobby landed that shot right in the beginning of this scene because he sucks at playing pool in real life. According to him, that is.

We start the episode at a fake funeral for Nana Rose because everyone is trying to fool Percival into believing that they're grieving, when in reality, the bodies of their loved ones are on ice as they wait for Sabrina's arrival to (hopefully) bring everyone back from the dead. Well, everyone except baby Anthony, who's still alive, but Percival doesn't need to know that.

Tabitha also fails, because when she shows up to Pop's and sees how happy Jughead is, she can't even bring herself to talk to him. She does, however, talk to her guardian angel, Rafael, but we'll come back to that.

Long story short, Plan C works! And with that success, Sabrina prepares to head off. But before she flies away, she warns Cheryl that there could be repercussions for bringing her friends back because "death doesn't like to be cheated." Umm that seems like something you should've said BEFORE she did the spell, but cool, Brina, thanks for the help!

And while we're on the topic, Cheryl is definitely going to piss the universe off, because not only did she bring back Toni and Fangs, but she also brought back Jason, Polly, their kids, and Nana Rose! I feel like it's safe to say she is definitely screwed.

Mark and Callie are getting coffee at a coffee cart and Mark tells Callie that he and Teddy had sex. There's an awkward moment between Callie and Arizona, so the latter acts very enthusiastic about pound cake, which she buys from the cart. Arizona walks off and Mark hopes that pound cake was a dirty metaphor, or else he just witnessed the most boring conversation ever. Callie says they're talking about pound cake because she wants a baby and Arizona doesn't and they're not talking about that. Mark asks how long that is gonna go on. Callie changes the subject and asks about the sex with Teddy. He happily says it was mindblowing.

Teddy is telling Arizona the exact same time on the elevator. Owen gets on and they greet him. He remains silent until getting off on the next floor. Arizona says he's always so grumpy. Teddy says he's going through something that Cristina doesn't get, because she couldn't possibly get it, whereas Teddy totally gets it, but she can't be there for him. That's hard, but she's seeing Mark.

Alex and Meredith are in the waiting room. The bump is an umbilical hernia, which requires surgery, so Aaron needs to fill in some paperwork. Aaron says he can't, because he's not insured. Meredith suggests Alex ask Bailey to do it pro bono, but Alex doesn't want to. Cristina comes over, surprised to hear that Alex has a brother. Aaron introduces himself to Cristina, who wonders why Alex can't be as nice as his brother. Cristina then takes Meredith aside and tells her Owen is in his dark place and he's not talking about it. Meredith says Derek asked her to have a baby, making Cristina conclude that men are stupid. She then gets paged to the pit.

Teddy, Owen, Cristina, Callie, and Jackson are working on Gina in the trauma room as her husband comes in. Gina assures Jimmy that she's fine and then sees lieutenant Moore, who appears to be angry that she didn't wait for back-up. Gina says she went in because she heard a shot. Moore says she risked her life in doing so. Gina reminds him she took down three men by herself, which Moore replies she got herself suspended for. It's going to the review board and she'll be lucky to have a job by the end of the day. Gina panics and wants to get up, but she's bleeding into her chest so the doctors order everyone to get out. They urge Gina to stay calm and breathe.

Meredith and Bailey are examining Aaron, who tells him that Karevs are tough because of the years they spent in foster care. They are surprised to hear that and Aaron says that Alex had like 17 foster homes in 5 years. He tells them about their difficult family situation. Alex got moved around a lot because he was a rough kid if you didn't know him, so people didn't want to keep him. Then he ended up in juvie at the age of 11 or 12 because he had to steal food, as their mother forgot to buy it sometimes. Alex comes in to talk to Bailey about a patient and figures out Aaron's been talking about his past. He tells Aaron to shut it, but Bailey sends him off, wanting to hear more.

While operating on Gina, Owen pulls out a bullet that he recognizes as a devestator. Teddy explains this means they have to be careful, as they're sharp as schrapnel and explode on impact. Callie and Cristina are amazed by Gina's career. Cristina hates how Gina's husband wants her to settle down and have babies. Teddy says you just don't have kids if you're facing mortar fire every day. Teddy explains she never had children because of residency, then Iraq, and now she's waiting for the right guy. Cristina is surprised that she wants kids. Callie asks if she doesn't. Cristina asks if Callie's met her; of course not. Teddy and Owen share a look as Cristina says she thinks she feels the bullet, right next to the heart. There's some bleeding, but she's got it. Just as Owen yells no, blood flies into their faces. Cristina asks what happened. Essentially, Owen says, she fired a bullet into their patient's chest. He gives her a really angry look.

Meredith is showing Aaron his scans on the computer at the nurses station. Arizona comes over, wanting to use the computer. Meredith introduces her to Aaron and Arizona asks why she didn't see him at the wedding, but then she remembers it was the last minute switch thing. Aaron asks what wedding. Arizona notices what she's set in motion and goes off to use another computer. Aaron is mad that Alex got married without even calling them, but Lexie explains it was a spur of the moment thing because of the cancer. Aaron thinks Alex has cancer, but Lexie clarifies it's Alex's wife Izzie who has the cancer. Meredith knows Lexie is making it all worse as she says Izzie is not really his wife anymore. She left, and then she came back, but then he didn't think it was the right thing and... Meredith makes Lexie stop talking.

Aaron tells Alex he can't believe that Alex didn't tell them about his marriage. Meredith explains that Aaron found out by accident. Alex says he didn't tell Aaron because he knew Aaron would make a big deal out of it. Because it is, Aaron says, and then he walked out on his wife. Alex says it was the other way around. Aaron says their mom will go off her meds when she finds out, but Alex tells Aaron not to tell her then. He tells Aaron to leave after his surgery. Aaron says he'll just leave without his surgery then. Alex tries to stop him, but Aaron says he doesn't need Alex. First he walks out on his family, and then on his wife. Like father like son. An enraged Alex throws him into a wall, resulting a big fight between the two brothers.

Gary is devestated to hear that his wife's coma is irreversible. Lexie explains that there's minimal brain activity. Gary thinks that means there's hope as there's still a little activity and her heart is pumping, but April clarifies that that is because the machine is breathing for her. Once they turn it off, the heart won't get the oxygen it needs. Gary wonders why they'd turn it off. Richard says that the advanced directive his wife signed specifically requested no mechanical ventilation. Gary says she filled that out three years ago when the cancer was first diagnosed and she only had 6 months to live. Then Alison held on for another three years. He's convinced she'll come back from this too, but Richard says they legally don't have another choice. Richard says his wife made the choice three years ago, and Gary lashes out at Lexie for telling him earlier the surgery went fine. He says she's a useless child, not a doctor, and he's done talking to all of them. 041b061a72


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