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Owen Scott

Gran Turismo 7 BETTER

However, it remains a shame that Polyphony keeps compromising its high-quality driving by persisting with frustrating rolling starts for career mode events, repeating the same mistake GT6 made. In a real-life motor race, cars cruise closely in two rows for rolling starts. But in GT7 career races, the cars are arranged in single file, 50-odd metres apart, and we are always placed in last. In a race with 20 opponents at Mount Panorama, this means the leader is already all the way up Mountain Straight and approaching the Cutting by the time we cross the starting line. In simple terms, that\u2019s well over a kilometre away. These ridiculous head starts mean career events are less a race than they are a chase. We\u2019re not dogfighting for track position with backmarkers; we\u2019re simply blazing past them trying to negate the immense starting deficit. The racing really just amounts to an overtaking challenge, which GT7 already officially has a bunch of in its addictive set of driving mission challenges. What\u2019s mystifying is that GT7 has a great and extremely granular custom race creator that features grid starts so we know there\u2019s no technical reason not to have them. It just\u2026 doesn\u2019t use them where they\u2019d work best.

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