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It says, "if you already have a headphones jack, disable the print to server option (for example, from a shared network). The printer will print directly to the driver without going through the print-priming feature."

Street Fighter 4 may only be number 29 in our list of the best 100 games of all time (opens in new tab), but if this were a list of the greatest individual video game mechanics of all time it'd be jostling for top spot. To my mind, the best mechanics are multi-functional, designed to be useful in so many different situations that they become the most important component part of the game as a whole. One basic example is Mario's jump - used to cross gaps, to climb onto high ledges, and to attack enemies. One of the true greats is the Dark Souls stamina bar, used for all the important bits of your moveset - running, jumping, dodging, attacking and blocking. But the very best of the lot, to my mind, is Street Fighter 4's Focus Attack. Enormously versatile yet simple to use and understand, it is the key factor in this very special game's success. d2c66b5586


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