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The McLaren Honda MP4/4 n.11 is among the most successful cars of Formula 1, having won 15 of the 16 Grand Prix which took part. The MP4/4 dominates the 1988 Formula 1 world championship. It was designed by Gordon Murray and Steve Nichols. 1988 is the last year of the turbocharged engines and the British team is able to take the strongest engine in one stroke: Honda, and the emerging driver Ayrton Senna, who together with the French driver Alain Prost had no rivals during the year.

Second in the Formula 1 World Champion 1988 with driver Alain ProstGP winner: GP of Brazil 1988, GP of Monaco 1988, GP of Mexico 1988, GP of France 1988, GP of Portugal 1988, GP of Spain 1988, GP of Australia 1988

The Honda-powered MP4/4 remains one of the most successful F1 cars ever to compete in the sport. In the hands of Senna and archenemy Alain Prost, it won 15 out of 16 Grand Prix in 1988 and clinched all but one pole position that year.

Statistically, the MP4/4 is the most dominant and successful F1 car of all time. Winning 15 of the 16 races during the 1988 season, the MP4/4 has a success rate of just over 93%. The closest another car has come to breaking this record is Mercedes with their W07 in 2016, having a success rate of 90% and winning 19 of the 21 races that season.

The car was initially designed to be used with the turbocharged Honda unit, giving the McLaren team a distinct advantage over their rivals who decided to switch to naturally aspirated engines. It was also widely speculated that Honda would introduce their V10 engine for the 1988 season. Ron Dennis then later confirmed that the V10 engine was not part of the plan for 1988.

For the 1988 season, six chassis were constructed using carbon fibre monocoque technology, with thee assistance of American aerospace company, Hercules Aerospace. Numbered 1 through 6, they were all used throughout the year at some point.

Has there ever been a more dominant car than the McLaren MP4/4 Arguably, no. In the hands of Senna and Prost, McLaren went on to finish the 1988 season on 199 points. Their closest rival, Ferrari 65.

It is said that the Honda-powered MP4/4 was one of the most dominant cars ever, and it ruled the 1988 Formula One season like a king. The notable drivers for this car were Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, who drove side by side.

The Mclaren won all but one race and all but one pole position in the 1988 season. In other words, out of 16 races held in the 1988 Formula One season, this car won 15 races with a winning percentage of 93.8%.

Here is my constructive criticism:Because it is UNDERSTOOD by now that you (and ALL the speedhunters staff) go thru "research the old fashioned way-books and seat time" ALL the time, EVERY time ! We ALL (Speedhunters readers) could do the exact same research. (we have all internet access, so looking up Senna's victories and championships shouldn't be too hard).What you SP staff do (for the most part) is posting up stuff that has already been discussed one million times in one million blogs before.And the "news" you post, are actually taken from other blogs. In other words, NOTHING new. It's just restating someone's else idea/ comment.You and all the SP staff try to appeal to this audience with material that has been covered time and time again by many other blogs. In other words, the stuff that you guys post is hardly a news.If I were to criticize this particularly post, you HAD to research the material (because you were not born during Senna's prime). Isn't it something we ALL could do Isn't Senna a topic that has been beaten to death already How original is thatThe is so much information on the internet. I guess LOTS of readers don't do much research these days.You want another negative point Patrick How often you guys reply to people's comments NEVER ! You and everyone else that work for SP HARDLY ever reply to people's comments on here (unless like me, is someone that pisses you off).People on here try to engage in a conversation and actually learn something from you guys, and you fail to understand that. YOU are the one that goes to car shows, YOU are the one that goes to car races. Show some respect to people and answer their question. Otherwise, don't bother posting !You want another point You guys HARDLY post anything in the weekend ! Why because you are paid minimum wage and don't give a fvck about working on this site in the weekend. (if there's an important race/ car-meet or event), you post the facts on the following Monday. AGAIN, not a news. By then many other blogs already talked about it. The amount of "news" you guys post in the weekend is far less than the ones during the week !Which brings me to the next topic: if you guys are so "car-fanatics", like myself, you would work around the clock 24/7, unfortunately you don't. Excuses like "time to hit the sack", or "the jetlag kicks in"....I've heard that too many times.How about posts that talk about yourself (the Speedhunters' staff) rather than the cars I (like many others) could care less about YOUR life. I come on here to read about CARS and NEWS from the automotive world.If you feel like Facebook and Twitters are not good-enough tools to expand your social network, I suggest you start your own blog like many others; so you can post all the sh!t you want. Stick to cars and news.Last but not least, what happened to your post about your Caddy I asked you that question before and I didn't get an answer. Mind to clarify 59ce067264


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