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A Ses Pieds Melanie Laurent


A Ses Pieds Melanie Laurent

So I just received my Metz fluxgrip 35 Bct 4 which includes the screw driver and a channel locking wrench as well as a z-power cable.I am really pleased with the product.It does take time to get used to the controls.Once you get used to the way the controls work, you should like it.Possibilities first, then fun second.Take your time and play around with it.Cheers,Drew Jacobsen

EDIT: I have a camera, a light meter and one screw driver. I have not had a flash for years and have never really taken photos with it.I have been doing it online on Tripod since I have a tripod, I have been taking unattended photos for about 2 years. Anyway as the daylight faded DR fell to 10/18. Went into the darkroom and man was it only 10/18 no idea, but from the point of view of the meter a lot better. I got a flash and did not know what was what. We went to the park and set up a few things. Couldnt miss at all. Small to medium sized room with a few obstacles. We started in a group on each floor of the park. One flash, one lensman and one camera. Lenses were as cheap as it got, and the camera was a cheap kit 612. Galios 6.5. D7100. When we got home we had some fun at nite. About 300 shots. I know some very professional photographers that had no clue. Another thing I do not have is a Nikor lens or a flash, or a camera that works with a flash. I will not try those, so I have to take it one flash at a time. If I can do it, anyone can. The best damn thing that ever happened to me. No more standing forever at a subject, no more arguing cause I dont know how to work the flash or even know what the hell is going on. I have taken some incredible flash pictures. Man, I dig the feedback and the encouragement, even though some times it is a little frustrating. d2c66b5586


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