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Delray Beach Rehab

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Delray Beach Rehab

Beacons in the recovery community such as the Wellness Resource Center work in conjunction with select rehabs to further patient diagnosis and offer a range of services to help along the way. Trained professionals educate patients about the science behind addiction, provide hours of therapy, construct meal plans if needed, and refocus the idea of getting clean toward an all-encompassing life switch. With certain rehab facilities offering activities like trips to the beach or the gym, patients feel less institutionalized in what is already a troublesome chapter in their lives.

When it comes to creating an environment that is conducive to staying on a narrow path of sobriety, the aftermath of rehab matters greatly. With thousands of locals attending hundreds of AA or NA meetings each week, newcomers to the area have a massive community willing to support their next chapter of life. Additionally, no matter what kind of behavioral addiction a person may be suffering from, there are hundreds of group meeting locations within Delray Beach so people can find communities to relate with.

Each rehab center on this page has: (a) Joint Commission Accreditation, CARF Accreditation, and/or has been verified by SAMHSA (b) Comparatively high composite online review scores, (c) Robust treatment programs.

Florida Recovery Group provides chemical dependency treatment services to adult men and women over the age of 18. Though their programs are only offered on an outpatient basis, clients will have the option of living in a sober transitional home with other Florida Recovery Group clients. Not only does this give clients the chance to develop supportive relationships but it also holds each individual accountable for their continued abstinence. Each individual will be assessed by their treatment team to determine what needs to be treated and how. Some of the rehab programs will include services like sober living skill development, group therapy, individual counseling, 12-step meetings, case management, nutritional guidance, and aftercare planning. All services are gender-specific as well.

Beachcomber Family Treatment Center is a rehab facility that offers addiction treatment programs to a maximum of 16 clients at one time. Because they are so small, each individual will be provided with the necessary time and attention for achieving a full recovery. Though each plan is designed with the specific client in mind, the foundation of recovery through Beachcomber rests on 12-step philosophies. Programs will also include rapid resolution therapy, family therapy, emotional freedom techniques, yoga, acupuncture, light-sound Neurotherapy, meditation, chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition management, and more. As a family treatment center, Beachcomber does prioritize family programs and the inclusion of loved ones throughout the entire recovery process. All individuals will be able to participate in a free consultation, but Beachcomber Family Treatment does accept some types of health insurance.

Fair Oaks Pavilion is part of the Delray Medical Center, an overall healthcare facility that provides men and women in the Delray area with access to all types of programs and services. Their addiction rehabilitation center provides short-term services to adult men and women suffering from any type of substance use. This inpatient rehab offers 53 psychiatric beds where clients are offered 24-hour supervision in a hospital setting. The initial goal is to stabilize the individual and provide them with a safe, healing environment where they can participate in several different therapeutic options. Fair Oaks Pavilion accepts many forms of payment, including different health insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and self-pay.

Lifeskills South Florida works specifically with adult men and women over the age of 18 who are in need of supportive behavioral health services for drug and alcohol abuse that are affordable and flexible. Each progr


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