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The hand-set stones on this heirloom wedding band total 1.40 carats.The band is finished with hand-engraved filigree work and milgrain edges.This vintage bridal ring is available in other metals.Wedding BandInformationStyle Number:U6725 Metal:950 Platinum Stone(s):Blue Topaz, Diamond Gender:Women's Width:4.60mm(Top Width), 4.00mm(Bottom Width) Total Carat:1.40 Metal Weight:14.56 grams (Approximate) Stone InformationNumber Of Round Blue Topazs6ClarityEye CleanColorBlueSetting TypeBeadCarat Weight0.90Side Stone InformationNumber Of Round Diamonds5ClaritySI1-SI2ColorG-HSetting TypeBead Carat Weight0.50Matching Set $7,288View Detail*Stone details and metal weight is approximate and based on a standard size.

CZ SK MAP 1.40


To test whether the anti-Bb antibody recognized Bb inside of the tick, ticks at each day of feeding were crushed in 50 μL of PBS. 10 μL of lysate was spotted onto slides and allowed to air dry before slides were heated briefly three times over a flame. Heat fixed slides were then treated with acetone for one hour. Slides were incubated with anti-Bb primary antibody (1:100 diluted in PBS + 0.75% BSA) for 30 minutes at 37C in a humid chamber. A control without primary antibody was also used for each day. Slides were washed once in PBS for 15 minutes at room temperature, then rinsed in distilled water and air dried. Anti-rabbit IgG Alexa 488 (Invitrogen) diluted 1:100 in PBS + 0.75% BSA was added for 30 minutes at 37C in a humid chamber. Slides were washed in PBS for 15 minutes at room temperature three times, adding 1:100 Propidium Iodide (Invitrogen) during the second wash. Slides were then rinsed with distilled water and air dried before the addition of mounting media (Fluoromount-G, SouthernBiotech) and cover slips. Fluorescence imaging was performed on a Nikon Ti2 inverted microscope for widefield epifluorescence using a 100x/1.40 objective. Images were captured with NIS-Elements AR View 5.20 and then processed with ImageJ software (Schneider et al., 2012). No strong florescence signal was observed on the control slides without primary antibody. 041b061a72


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