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[S8E8] The Brain Of Evil

As Grissom walks into his office, Archie heads to the CSI garage and documents some bricks of cocaine. When he removes the third one from the top of the suitcase, the case explodes. Everything is sent flying, glass doors are shattered, and the techs start running around while alarms ring out throughout the lab. Hodges soon comes in, stands over Archie's dead body, and starts laughing maniacally in an evil glee.

[S8E8] The Brain of Evil

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Trace on the locking pin turns out to be peanut butter. Bobby Dawson is blamed, as he had peanut butter in his latex gloves and stored some photo emulsion sheets in the freezer. He denies killing Henry, not even by accident. The completed autopsy surprisingly reveals that Henry had angel dust (or PCP) in his system. This would cause unusual reactions in his brain, such as overheating (which is why he went into the freezer) and extreme strength (which is how he bent the steel handle). With the PCP stimulating his brain, he started going crazy, knocking the chemicals off the shelves.

After David Phillips gets forced to leave for saying there was no sign of sexual trauma (again), Doc Robbins measures the trajectory of the bullet; it's roughly 90 degrees from vertical. The bullet, which was lodged in the brain, is mostly intact. Grissom's next move is to search IBIS. The bullet leads to a gun that came into the lab a week before on a buyback program. Records show that it was destroyed, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

During Vivien's first ultrasound, the attending nurse fainted in horror at the sight of the then-unborn Michael in-utero, and quit her job immediately afterword; the ultrasound machine, mysteriously, broke moments after this.[3] Later, Vivien had a nightmare of a tiny clawed hand attempting to rip through her pregnant abdomen, and soon after began to develop a taste for raw organs, consuming the liver and uncooked brain of a cow. Vivien was eventually able to contact the nurse from her failed ultrasound, who hesitantly agreed to meet her in a church, telling in her it was the only place where she "[felt] safe". She confided in Vivien that what she witnessed in her womb plagued her with nightmares and turned her into a believer in God, and, recalling what she witnessed during the ultrasound, whispered quietly to herself "...the hoofed feet." Vivien, thinking the woman to be mad, headed out the cathedral doors in frustration, while the nurse began to fervently recite quotes from the Bible, her face plastered with a look of dread.[4]

Long before his preternatural birth, Michael gave every indication that he would be the personification of the most unimaginable evil to walk the Earth, prophesied by the Book of Revelation to conquer human life and unavoidably bring about the destruction of all of which does, and could, exist. From the moment of his conception - though only a rudiment in his mother's womb - he was a devourer of innocence: he fed off the nutrients of his twin brother to deprive him of a chance at life, and consumed the raw flesh of cattle to sustain himself in his mother's body before trading her life away, stealing her last breath during a violent and agonizing nativity that would only ensure his own successful emergence upon the world.[5] Even as a child, his very existence was a disturbing subversion of innocence, and he proved this at just three years of age, when he sliced open his nanny's neck to create frivolous handprints with her blood, giggling in the presence of his grandmother when she discovered the body.[6]

Contrary to the Bible's proclamation that he would be the "essence of evil", however, Michael was not always devoid of humanity, and who he once was as a person was a direct opposition to what horrors he committed. His violent tendencies, while undoubtedly an innate part of his genetic makeup, were an aspect of who he was that he could neither control nor understand during his youth, resulting in him feeling confused and remorseful for unintentionally hurting the people he loved most. He had no recollection of attempting to strangle Constance[7], for example, and shed tears of regret upon realizing what it was that he was doing, lending credence to John Henry Moore's assumption that the Devil was possessing him.[8]

Despite Michael's best attempts to turn his uncontrollable murders into a positive, naming them as gifts in his grandmother's honor, he was unaware that the stress he put on her would ultimately lead to her suicide - a fact that devastated him when he discovered her lifeless body, and would only hurt him even further when it was revealed to him by Ben that Constance no longer wished to see him as a ghost. Although Ben was not biologically related to Michael, he viewed him as the son that had been robbed of him by Constance, and bore witness to the boy's genuine tears of grief over losing the only family he ever knew. Longing to give Michael the life that he never had, Ben took him in as his own, and for a time, Michael finally felt at home again as the two grew close, laughing and smiling as they played baseball inside and talked about their shared values. Although Michael's biological need to murder still existed, Ben knew that it was not intentional on his part, and tried his best to ease those urges in him so that he could live as happy, healthy a life as possible. Unfortunately, these efforts would come to an end in Michael's first interaction with his biological father, who harshly rejected his son's eagerness to know him and shunned Michael as "something evil that even [he] couldn't create", leaving him alone to cry.

Heartbroken at being denounced by both his grandmother and father, Michael began to sink further into darkness, causing Ben to start avoiding him out of fear. By the time the Satanists arrived, sacrificing an innocent women in his honor to retrieve her still-beating heart, Michael finally felt he was appreciated and consumed the tribute, at last fulfilling his role as the destroyer of mankind. Tragically, he has known no other way of life than his predetermined fate to end the world, and was only created by the Devil to serve as a pawn in the larger battle between good and evil.

  • Season 8 Also known as Regular Show In Space.One Space Day At A Time: Following the events of last season's finale, the park workers (and Eileen) are still panicking over being launched into space (and according to several news reports, other places on Earth have also been domed off and jettisoned into space and Mr. Maellard has been implicated in the conspiracy) and try to find a way to communicate with Earth so they can return home.

  • Cool Bro Bots: The park workers are visited by friendly robots, but Mordecai and Rigby are suspicious about their ulterior motives (especially after receiving a text in the previous episode that says, "Trust no one").

  • Welcome to Space: The park is revealed to be part of a space station that trains park workers to go on adventures in space. While the rest of the gang are interested, Benson however wants no part in it and wishes to go home.

  • Space Creds: After finding out that they're normal money is useless on the space station, Mordecai and Rigby do an odd-job for one of the scientists so they can buy a pair of hover boots.

  • Lost and Found: After trying to find a lost wallet, Mordecai accidentally proposes to the princess of the Mantis-people.

  • Ugly Moon: Muscle Man is brought back into the pranking game one last time to take down a rival space station, Space Bush.

  • The Dream Warrior: A nightmare alien that keeps appearing in Pops' nightmares wants to know where Pops can be found, so the gang tries to help him get rid of it.

  • The Brain of Evil: Rigby accidentally releases an evil brain that makes off with their park dome, forcing him and Mordecai to get it back before it's blown up.

  • Fries Night: After breaking up with Pam, Benson tries to find solace in eating french fries and has an adventure with the owner of the food truck that serves them.

  • Spacey McSpaceTree: Rigby causes an accident and is put on probation. In order to get off it, he has to prove he can be safe. But the mentor assigned to him drives him crazy with his safety tips.

  • Can You Ear Me Now?: Mordecai and Rigby cause an accident while visiting an planet inhabited by ear-people and put on trial for the disruption.

  • Stuck in an Elevator: While on the way to see Fist Pump's final concert at the Space Tree station, Mordecai and Rigby's elevator breaks down and they try to find a way out of it.

  • The Space Race: Rawls enters Mordecai and Rigby as the representatives at the annual space race between the stations. But they face competitions against the people they replaced.

  • Operation Hear No Evil: Mordecai and Rigby get into a TV show and try to see the final episode without being spoiled. However, Benson wishes to spoil them as punishment for not doing their chores.

  • Space Escape: A sinister being, dubbed Anti-Pops, invades the station looking for Pops, forcing the Park Crew to flee the station.

  • New Beds: On the run after the events of Space Escape, the Park Crew stop at a furniture store to get new beds, but find they're being tracked by a bounty hunter.

  • Mordeby and Rigbecai: While doing inventory, Mordecai and Rigby find a teleporter and play around with it. But soon find themselves with mixed up bodies that they frantically try to reverse before it becomes permanent.

  • Alpha Dome: The crew reach the Alpha Dome, the first park sent into space. However, when Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips investigate, they find the inhabitants believing they're pilgrims.

  • Terror Tales of the Park VI: Set before Space Escape, the Park Crew are en route to a Halloween Nebula and, as usual, tell scary stories to pass the time.

  • The Ice Tape: The crew reach an ice planet and find a VHS tape made of ice with a message for Pops. To play it, they need to find the VHS Player guarded by treacherous terrain.

  • The Key To The Universe: An instructor tries to teach Pops to ready him for his confrontation with Anti-Pops, but Pops is hesitant to go through with his training.

  • No Train No Gain: Pops' training continues, but Mordecai and Rigby, in trying to help him, end up accidentally trapping him in a training montage.

  • Christmas in Space: Celebrating their first Christmas in space, the crew tell some holiday stories.

  • Kill Em' with Kindness: Pops finishes his training. But, not wanting to fight his brother, Anti-Pops, Pops tries to resolve things between them peacefully.

  • Meet the Seer: The Park Crew head to the Planet Nielsen to see the Seer and learn Pops' destiny. But first, they must get past the being who rules the planet, Online Streaming.

  • Cheer Up Pops: Pops is upset about his upcoming battle with Anti-Pops and the possible destruction of the universe, so the Park Crew help him cheer up by recording their memories.

  • A Regular Show Epic Final Battle: Series Finale. The final battle between Pops and Anti-Pops commences with the Park Crew trying to aid him in saving the universe.



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