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Download Brave in Hindi for Torrent and Enjoy a Scottish Adventure

Brave is that rare exception. It's unlike any of their other movies; it's not that they did something new. It's that they got to do something they don't always get to do -- make a story with a female protagonist. Before Brave, Pixar had never made a movie like this.

Brave Animated Movie Dubbed In Hindi For Torrent

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The visuals of Brave are amazing, despite it being an animated story with live action elements. The camera work is seamless, and the characters are beautiful, magical, and hilarious. Most of the action takes place in a field of flowers, or in the woods. It's almost like Pixar created its own world and we're just inside it.

This is the problem with Brave: the movie isn't Brave. It's not that Pixar didn't do enough to make this film their own; they did. It's not that the quality of the writing is anything less than brilliant -- it's that Brave fails to live in its own world. There's a world out there just as magical and colorful as this one, but it's not the same place. That's not what the movie is about.

Look, we get it, you guys, Pixar are good. Pixar have made some great movies before, and there have been some good movies made by other companies. But most of these movies are the same as, or just as good as, Pixar's movies. There are two new elements in Brave, both of which make it interesting. The first is that the movie is more faithful to its original story than we've seen from Pixar before.

The classic animated movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had a rather troubled production, with several directors and writers hired at the last minute. It had its share of problems, but the film inspired Walt Disney as much as or more than any other.


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