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In the report, researchers said it was not clear whether Medicaid policies accounting for one in five of all US pregnancies and one in four live births since 2011 were a factor. But the report did note that many of the states that cut birth control funding had 2012-2013 Medicaid cuts as a factor, adding that the policy cuts were in place for fewer than three years.

The report also found that pregnancy rates and abortion rates were different across states in the first two years the health care law had been fully implemented, with some high-poverty states seeing an increase in their abortion rates after the 2015 open enrollment period.

Women of color and low-income women were more likely to have an abortion in 2012 than white patients. Hispanic women were more likely to have an abortion in 2013 than white women, the report said.

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Memento Database Electronica esta disponivel desde o final de Setembro de 2015, e tem variados tipos de templates a planejar. A seguinte oferta de templates gratuita funciona em linha da versao gratuita do Firefox e os sgte bibliotecas para Mac, Win, Linux e Android.

Each template in Memento has a tag that identifies the type of data. For example, you can tag your emails and appointments as ‘business’, your bills as ‘expenses’ and your photos as ‘living’. With all these tags, you can search for your desired data. We also like to share with others what’s important/important to us.

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