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Housefull 3 Love Part 2 Full Movie Download

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Housefull 3 love part 2 full movie download

But it was the professor's own deep rooted belief. He listeneddelightedly as[Pg 91] his young guest went on to speak of the farm he hadbought and what he hoped to make of it. The old Northrup estate, somethree miles out from Charlottesville, was a well known one throughoutall Albemarle. A big brick house on the sunny slope of a mountain whosecrest towered to the sky-line behind it, it had held many people, lovedand known in the state, and had been the centre of a gay full life. Butthe old life had drifted away from it; some of those who had lived inthe brick walls slept in the graves under the thick oaks not far awayfrom the house; the rest were scattered, north, south, and west. Theplace had gotten into the hands of speculators. A northern farmer,thinking to make his fortune on cheap lands in a sunny climate, hadbought it, but to face labor conditions of which he was ignorant and tofind the only hopes of the fortune he sought were in a country store. Hehad nearly lost his life fording one of the mountain streams, betweenstore and farm, after a freshet, and was desperately afraid of a second[Pg 92]adventure. He sold it for nearly half its cost. Montague's investmenthad a good beginning and a better promise.

His morning lecture was important, he could not cut it. There were notrains he could make down and back in the afternoon; he would drive. Hismind full of the determination he came out in the hall. He did not evennotice Susan, eagerly expectant, as she stood there, of another bill toadd to her hoard. His eyes were fixed on the carved newel post whereFrances' trembling hand had lain when last he had seen her. Could thedistrustful old darkey have read his heart she might have forgiven himand befriended him, for at that moment it held nothing but strong,intense love for the girl she herself idolized, and the resolve to seeher, to make his peace with her, to overcome whatever barrier, ghostlyor real, had risen between them. He was not a whit afraid of any rival.The only effect such declaration had had was to crystallize his dreamingto decision for action, and to fairly madden his impatient nature thatwas held in leash, action being impossible.

The crowd was dense, but through it Frances glimpsed Edward Montague.He had seen her a minute earlier and was watching her wistfully, with akeen pang at his heart that now when he had seen her first for so long atime, she should be one of a gay party with that handsome young fellowat her side. She drew rein, soon as she saw him, and Edward hurried outto her.

When, half frozen, they hurried back to the working-room, they found acomfortable group waiting them. Mary Rowan and Edward Montague and oneother man were huddled together about the stove. Further[Pg 206] away, apart,by one of the tables were Elizabeth Martin and Lawson. The lamp-lightshone full on her face. She was looking up at him. It might have beencoquetry that brought the expression Frances saw as she opened the door,but at least it was in response to something of language or look in theman who leaned over her. So much Frances told herself instantly. Thethought sent a sickening feeling from head to foot. She reeled slightly;Montague, watching her, sprang to her assistance.


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