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Nye worked with producer Dick Hill on the script for the film. Rodney Rothman, who had directed the film Drive Angry, replaced Hill as director. When his script was undergoing revisions, he shared his ideas with the producers. Rothman later said, "I wasn't going to shoot it if anyone said anything bad about it, because I didn't feel it was that good a script. But Michael Scott [Berman] was always one of those cinephiles who studied at NYU. He told me that I should meet him on a plane. He was on to me. He'd seen a draft and loved it."[116]

He developed a relationship with Pellucid Press, the publisher of his book, and it was Pellucid Press which was given the legal right to sell movie rights to Nye. Pellucid Press' title was To Hell and Back: One Man's Handicap in the Seminary Years of John A. Nye; copyrighted in 2009; ISBN 978-0-9997810-8-9[117]

Nye's first feature film as writer and director premiered in 2011 at the Ella D. Laws Auditorium in Hopkinsville, Kentucky with George Strait as the featured performer. According to Nye, the plot begins when Hank McMahan's grandfather, a Vietnam War veteran, commits suicide after seeing his grandson work for a railroad company. As a result of a promise his grandmother made, Hank leaves Los Angeles for his hometown of Tipton, Texas to work for the railroad and run a filling station. At the end of the film, the grandson asks his mother if she loves him.