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Choudenshi BIOMAN: A Classic Super Sentai Series with Super Electron Action

Choudenshi BIOMAN: A Classic Super Sentai Series with Super Electron Action

If you are a fan of Japanese tokusatsu shows, you may have heard of Choudenshi BIOMAN, one of the most popular and influential series in the Super Sentai franchise. Choudenshi BIOMAN, which means Super Electron Bioman in English, aired on TV Asahi from 1984 to 1985, with a total of 51 episodes and a movie. It was the first Super Sentai series to have two female members in the main team, as well as the first to have a female Yellow Ranger. It was also the last series to have a mid-season Ranger change.

Choudenshi BIOMAN Ep.1-51 [English Subbed] 1

The story of Choudenshi BIOMAN revolves around the Bio Robo, a giant robot that came from the Bio Star, a planet that was destroyed by a global war using Bio Particles, a powerful energy source. The Bio Robo traveled to Earth 500 years ago and showered five people with Bio Particles, giving them superhuman abilities and making them the descendants of the Bio Star. In the present day, the Bio Robo awakens and recruits five young people who possess the Bio Particles: Shiro Gou (Red One), Shingo Takasugi (Green Two), Ryuuta Nanbara (Blue Three), Mika Koizumi (Yellow Four), and Jun Yabuki (Yellow Four II). Together, they form the Choudenshi BIOMAN, a team of superheroes who fight against the Neo Empire Gear, an evil organization led by Doctor Man, a mad scientist who wants to conquer Earth with his army of mechanized soldiers and giant robots.

Choudenshi BIOMAN is a series that combines science fiction, fantasy, drama, and comedy elements. It features exciting action scenes with martial arts, weapons, vehicles, and mecha battles. The series also explores themes such as friendship, family, loyalty, betrayal, identity, and love. The characters are well-developed and have their own personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. The villains are also memorable and have their own goals and conflicts. The series also has a catchy theme song and a colorful visual style.

If you are looking for a classic Super Sentai series that has super electron action, Choudenshi BIOMAN is a great choice. You can watch it online with English subtitles on various websites or download it from torrent sites. You can also buy the DVD box set from online shops or import it from Japan. Choudenshi BIOMAN is a series that will entertain you and make you nostalgic for the 80s.

Some of the highlights of Choudenshi BIOMAN are:

  • The introduction of Peebo, a cute and friendly robot who serves as the mentor and companion of the Biomen. Peebo is the one who operates the Bio Robo and communicates with the Bio Star. He also has a special bond with Mika and Jun, the two Yellow Fours.

  • The rivalry between Red One and Silver, a mysterious warrior who works for Doctor Man. Silver is actually Silva, a survivor of the Bio Star who was corrupted by Doctor Man and turned into a cyborg. He has a grudge against the Bio Robo and the Biomen for abandoning him and his planet. He also has a crush on Farrah, one of Doctor Man's generals.

  • The tragic fate of Mika, the first Yellow Four, who dies in episode 10 after being fatally wounded by a Gear monster. Her death shocks and saddens the Biomen and motivates them to fight harder against Gear. She is later replaced by Jun, a photographer who inherits her Bio Particles and joins the team.

  • The revelation of Doctor Man's true identity and backstory. Doctor Man is actually Hideo Kageyama, a genius scientist who experimented on himself with Bio Particles and became immortal. However, he also became insane and obsessed with creating a perfect world ruled by machines. He abandoned his wife and son, Shuichi, who later became a rebel leader against Gear. He also created a robot clone of Shuichi, named Prince, whom he treated as his heir.

  • The final battle between the Biomen and Gear, which takes place in episode 51. The Biomen manage to infiltrate Gear's base and confront Doctor Man and his forces. They also discover that Doctor Man is dying from overusing his Bio Particles and that he plans to destroy Earth with a giant bomb. The Biomen manage to stop him and his bomb, but at the cost of sacrificing their Bio Robo. They also witness Doctor Man's death and his reconciliation with Shuichi and Prince. The series ends with the Biomen celebrating their victory and honoring their fallen comrades.

Choudenshi BIOMAN is a series that has left a lasting impact on the Super Sentai franchise and its fans. It has been praised for its story, characters, action, and music. It has also been adapted and dubbed in various countries, such as France, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Brazil. It has also inspired many other Super Sentai series and spin-offs.

If you want to experience the super electron adventure of Choudenshi BIOMAN, you can watch it online or buy it on DVD. You will not regret it. e0e6b7cb5c


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