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Episode 2.3 Torrent

Below we have compiled a list of the most-downloaded TV-shows (single episode) in 2012, together with the TV audience in the U.S. The data for the top 10 is collected by TorrentFreak from several sources, including reports from all public BitTorrent trackers.

Episode 2.3 Torrent

The matches in the torrent name are standardised into specific strings, according to scene rules where possible - 'WEBDL', 'WEB DL', and 'HDRip' are all converted to 'WEB-DL', for example. 'DDP51' becomes 'Dolby Digital Plus 5.1'. ['ita', 'eng'] becomes ['Italian', 'English'].To disable this, and return just what was matched in the torrent, run:

Submit a PR on the dev branch, including tests for what gets newly matched (if applicable), having run the pre-commit hooks. Please provide input torrent names in tests/files/input.json and full output json objects (with standardise=False) in tests/files/output_raw.json (where the fields encoder, excess, site, and episodeName don't have to be included). Also add the standardised output to tests/files/output_standard.json, only including fields that are changed, along with title.

Below are the additions that have been made to /u/divijbindlish's original repo, including other contributors' work. parse-torrent-title was initially forked from here, but a lot of extra work has been done since, and given that the original repo is inactive, it was unforked.

Minecraft: Story Mode on your Android device is an interesting episodic game based on Minecraft from Telltale. The game is the first episode of their five a new adventure. You, as the player is given the choice of hero, you will be able to choose the gender, skin color, clothes your character and of course will go on a long adventure. You together with your friends very honor of the legendary order of the Stone, which under mysterious circumstances was in the hands of villains. And now only you will be able to return it and to annihilate the miscreants. But be careful, because everything you will do, say or communicate will affect your story!

Thanks for the info on the browser not having to be closed. Now as for the VPN my experience has been that I never get a DCMA notice if I have the VPN on in the browser and the encryption enabled in my torrent client.

Ugh, over a dozen episodes and still all I got to do was diddle my mom and hotdog my sister. Dunno how long that took to develop but hell, actually fucking and creampieing both my mom and sister only took 15 months and I was hotdogging them both after 4 months of effort.

Results: Clinical variables differed significantly between low and high functioning patient groups, namely total number of episodes, depressive episodes, and time since the last episode. These variables were also correlated significantly with Global Assessment of Functioning Scale score. All 3 groups differed significantly for digit span backward test, verbal learning and memory test, Trail Making Test, and Stroop Colour Test. Digit span backward test, Trail Making Test, and Stroop Colour Test were significantly correlated with Global Assessment of Functioning Scale score.

Conclusions: Total episodes, depressive episodes, time since the last episode, and cognitive dysfunction correlated with poor functioning. Executive dysfunction was the strongest predictor of psychosocial outcome in euthymic bipolar patients. Long-term therapeutic interventions should target relapse prevention with special consideration given to depressive episodes and cognitive rehabilitation.

Bipolar disorder has traditionally been associated with a better outcome than schizophrenia. (1) Nonetheless generally little attention has been paid to psychosocial outcomes in patients with bipolar disorder. Recent studies indicate that functioning varies considerably as far as the outcome is concerned: some patients function well in between episodes whereas others have substantial dysfunction in significant functional domains, even during euthymic periods. (2-4)

Several clinical variables are associated with poor functioning in patients with bipolar disorders including number of episodes, (5) persistent subsyndromal symptoms, (6) prior number of psychiatric hospitalisations, (7) co-morbid substance use disorder, (8,9) side-effects of medicine, history of psychotic symptoms, (4,10) early age at onset, (4,11) longer duration of mood episodes, (12) and low premorbid functioning. (13) Growing evidence suggests that bipolar disorder patients experience prominent neurocognitive impairment not only during acute mood episodes (14,15) but also during euthymia. (16,17) The cognitive deficits intrinsic to bipolar disorder itself typically coalesce around problems with attentional processing, executive function, and verbal memory. (18,19)


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