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The two chapters on The Dream of the Red Chamber apply the theory of the dream to the novel's imagined life of its hero, Jia Baoyu. The first part of this chapter is a review of dream theories and literature, most importantly of Freud's concept of the dream as a dynamic process of reconciliation. The second part builds on theories of the dream representation that has been established in Freud's work to examine the novel's textual and psychological levels relevant to its dreamwork: the smallest units of language, the ideation, and the dream itself.

The second chapter focuses on the dreams that are both the protagonist and the narrator of the novel. Jia Baoyu's experiences in the dream world of The Dream of the Red Chamber are examined as the lens through which the second half of the novel can be viewed and analyzed. The third chapter focuses on the sidetracking finnegans wake dream of the prince located on the first line of page 1 of the novel and the play Lai Lai the Milky Way by Tao Yuanming, the Qianlong emperor of the Qing dynasty. Chapter 4 addresses the Dream of the Red Chamber as a dream dreamt of a later time, as I argue that it has become a prototype of the modern self-actualizing narrative. Finally, the last chapter probes the linkages from the dreamwork of The Dream of the Red Chamber and Finnegans Wake via the notion that both texts inherently prompt their readers to think and reflect on the structure of language. d2c66b5586


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