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Noah Robinson

Casio Fx 9750g Emulator

The emulator software for the fx-9750GIII comes with the Probability Simulation menu already installed, which is fantastic, since as a teacher, you could have this on your screen while teaching virtually with students, and run the simulations and students collect and record the data. It would be ideal for students to have the hand-held version as well, in which case the Probability Simulator menu needs to be added to the hand-held menu via computer download. I have provided a how-to download the app video below, along with an overview of how to use the Probability Simulator.

casio fx 9750g emulator

Casio invented the graphing calculator.No, it wasn't Hewlett-Packard; much to my surprise, I found out that Casio's first graphing model, the fx-7000G, preceded HP's first graphing machines by at least a year or more.Unfortunately, like so many other Casio models, the fx-7000G is, well, uninspiring. HP's first graphing model, the HP-28C, offered a whole new paradigm for programmable calculators, one that combined keystroke programming with advanced object-oriented features. In contrast, the fx-7000G lacks functional integration and, in many ways, graphing is more an afterthought than an integrated feature.Then again, HP used to be making engineering tools, whereas Casio's machines were designed for classroom use. Easy to use is not the same as easy to learn.Casio continues to be a leader in the graphing calculator field; in fact, Casio remains the only calculator manufacturer producing a graphing model with a color display. No true RGB color yet, but nevertheless it's an impressive accomplishment with a non-backlit LCD. And despite my earlier comments, I do occasionally come across Casio graphing calculators, like the fx-7500G, that are a pleasure to use.

If you have any questions with any of the content here, feel free to contact me. The content has been created using the Casio fx-ES emulator to replicate the procedures possible on the actual calculators. The interface is identical to a physical calculator of that model.

You can access the Casio fx-ES emulator download used to create these tutorials by contacting me using the comments below. This is the full emulator download with support for the fx-82ES emulator and fx-991ES PLUS emulator. Post a comment and I will get an email to you.

Hello George. Thanks for the quick reply! It works perfectly. I can defenitely use this emulator in class. Apparently, most of the students use a more recent model: the 82 Plus. The design is slightly different but I could not see any difference with repsect to the buttons of both models. However, do you, by chance, also have an emulator for the Casio fx-82 PLUS? Thanks in advance! Markus

Hi, your tutorials are very useful for my daughter and her friends. It help them a lot to start learning how to use this tool. Could you please send me the fx-991es plus emulator? Thank you in advance. 350c69d7ab


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